Turbo Tax Discount 2014

It is never too early to get started on your taxes.  I personally like to use websites like Turbo Tax or H&R Block. An accountant can wind up costing so much that it washes out a part of the money you should be getting back.

Turbo Tax is so easy to use, and it helps you find all of the deductions that a lot of acountants wouldn’t even think of doing.  They will go through a set of questions that will get you wondering why you never wrote off some of your purchases in earlier years.

Turbo Tax has a few different options of services depending on the type of income that you have.  Prices generally range from Free to $99.99.  BUT…we don’t pay full price for anything here!

Amazon Discounts for Turbo Tax

(Prices are updated daily, and we are noticing a trend that prices are going up about a dollar a day since this deal started)

TurboTax Basic Federal + E-File 2012

TurboTax Deluxe Federal + E-File + State 2012

TurboTax Premier Federal + E-File + State 2012

TurboTax Home & Business Federal + E-File + State 2012

There are different reasons that you would opt for each of the Turbo Tax products.  If you have no deductions and made under $40,000 I would just say use the free e-file option on their home page.  Otherwise, click here to see Amazon give you options to decide which is the best tax return software for you.

Quicken and Turbo Tax Discount Code

When you purchase Turbo Tax through Amazon, you can also get a discounted price by adding Quicken 2013 to your order.

  • Use promo code BTTG3OSE to save $30 on Quicken Starter Edition 2013, or
  • Use promo code BTTG35QK to save $35 on Quicken Deluxe 2013, Premier 2013, Home & Business 2013, or Essentials for Mac.

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