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Final Draft Discount Codes 2016

Final Draft is the perfect tool for crafting any screenplay.  If you are trying to make your way into the entertainment industry as a writer, this is the most necessary tool there is.

This software takes away the difficulties and nuances of trying to format a script perfectly, leaving you with the time and concentration to get your writing done.  The price is a bit high, so whenever we have a coupon available, you better jump on that deal because it isn’t going to last long.

If you are still using Microsoft Word to write scripts, then your just hurting yourself.  Once you get into the industry, everyone will expect you to be using this program.  Lots of jobs even require you to have knowledge or training so that you can handle certain job tasks that need it.

Current Final Draft Coupons and Promo Codes

$50 Instant Savings 

2016 Special Discount Pricing

Regular Price $249; Discount Price $199

Promo Code: FDAP2015

Deal ends December 31, 2015


Discounts for Students

Regular Price – $249

Student Price – $129.99 (SAVINGS OF OVER $120)



Final Draft 9 Upgrade

Buy v8 Get v9 (160 x 160)

*If you are worried about not getting a deal on Final Draft 9, you can get a free upgrade right now when purchasing Final Draft 8.

Click here for more details.

You’ll need to confirm your enrollment in a school to receive this discount



Entertainment Book Discount

The Entertainment Book itself is a discount.  This is the only time that I would ever condone purchasing coupons.  The coupons and deal vouchers that you get out of an Entertainment Book beat any subscription, weekly circular or website (yes even mine).

But, you know I don’t like to pay full price on anything here, not even on discounts themselves!  That’s why I worked with Entertainment Book to bring you discounts for their coupon books full of great local deals on Entertainment (miniature golf, bowling, movies), local services and restaurants.  You can even get deals from large corporate fast food chains like Burger King, Wendy’s and McDonalds.

NEW Entertainment Book Discounts

Black Friday 2014 Discount

2015 Entertainment Books 40% 0ff + FREE shipping!

Deal ends November 27, 2014

Buy now for 40% off!


Coffee Wholesale Promo Codes 2015

You can get a lot of savings when you purchase in bulk from Coffee Wholesale USA.  This site provides popular flavors of name brand k-cups and other coffee pods along with an array of other bulk/wholesale options.

Along with the bulk discounts, you can also save even more off of your Coffee Wholesale USA shopping by using any of the discounts or coupon codes that we have.  Use them on your favorite coffees for home or your office.

NEW Coffee Wholesale USA Coupon Codes

Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2014 Discount Code

15% off All Day Gourmet coffee and tea with code.


Deal ends December 1, 2014 – SHOP NOW!


Weekly Promotion

12% off 5 lb. bags of All Day Gourmet coffee with code

Sales Code: FRESH12.

Deal ends July 29, 2013 – SHOP NOW!


Recent Sales Codes

Weekly Promotion

15% off coffee pods products with code with code


Deal ends July 22, 2013 – SHOP NOW!


Weekly Promotion

12% off Gatorade & Propel products with code with sales code


Deal ends July 15, 2013 – SHOP NOW!


Weekly Promotion

$5 off orders $49+ with code with code


Deal ends July 1, 2013 – SHOP NOW!


20% Off All Day Gourmet Coffee & Tea

Enter code ADG20 at checkout.

Expires 3/25/13


15% Off Seattle’s Best Coffee

Enjoy February’s Free Shipping Month

Enter code BEST at checkout.

15% off expires 2/25/13

Auto Parts Warehouse Coupon Codes 2015

Auto Parts Warehouse is a great place to find any auto part or tool you could need for whatever car project you are working on.  Their regular customers include mechanics and auto body repairmen as well as individuals looking to fix their cars or add to their vehicles themselves.  The deals below are usually better discounts compared to going to places like Pep Boys or Auto Zone, according to the items that I’ve looked at between them all.

NEW Auto Parts Warehouse Promo Codes

APW - Halloween

Black Friday Sales Code


Coupon code BFFAFF8.

Deal ends November 30, 2014 – SHOP NOW!


Recently Expired Auto Parts Coupon Codes

Independence Day Coupon Code

Get 10% off on orders $99 or more + FREE SHIPPING from Auto Parts Warehouse by using the coupon code below


Deal ends July 13, 2013 – SHOP NOW!


Fathers Day Coupon Code

Get 10% off on orders $99 or more + FREE SHIPPING

Coupon code APWFATHERS.

Deal ends June 22, 2013 – SHOP NOW!


Save 10% off on orders $150 and above


Coupon Code: MAYSALE.

Deal ends May 31 2013 – SHOP NOW!


Get 10% off on orders $100 + FREE SHIPPING!

Use coupon code “APWWOMEN“.

Offer is good only until Mar. 9, 2013 SHOP NOW!

10% off on orders $100 + FREE SHIPPING!

President’s Day Week-Long Sale

Use coupon code “PRESDAY.”

Offer is good only until Feb. 22, 2013


10% off on orders $150 + FREE SHIPPING!

Enter coupon code “APWGOAL.”

Offer is good until Feb. 9, 2013

10% OFF $150 this Valentine’s Day

Use Code: HEART

Valid from 02/01/2013 to 02/14/2013 only.

Alienware Coupon Codes 2016

Alienware laptops and desktops put most computers to shame.  These high performance PCs are the perfect computers for any gamers or graphic designers.

The Alienware line of products has seriously set Dell apart from the competition.  Customers who buy these computers once become loyal fans and come back for upgrades when the time comes.

These aren’t the cheapest computers, so be on the lookout for a good Alienware discount.

Current Alienware Discounts and Promo Codes


Alienware Laptops





  • Black Friday Sale! Get $100 off single GPU upgrades, $200 of Dual GPU upgrades, and $300 off triple GPU upgrades on select Alienware PCs! Free shipping!


Alienware Desktops

  • Upgrade to PC gaming with Alienware’s trade-in program! Trade in your used game console or PC and receive a $200 promotional eGift card with the purchase of a new Alienware system.
    • Free shipping! – Deal ends January 31, 2016
















Miscellaneous Alienware Discounts

Alienware laptops and desktops are not only the most powerful Dell computers, but some of the most powerful computers on the market today.  This line of computers come with cutting edge technology and huge hard drives with plenty of RAM to keep your games and video editing going fast for a long time.

Frederick’s of Hollywood Online Discounts

Before Victoria’s Secret became a household name, Frederick’s of Hollywood was by far the biggest company in lingerie fashion.  Now, they are still near the top of the industry, but have other companies like Blackheart Lingerie to compete with.

Why did Frederick’s of Hollywood get so big in the first place?  Frederick Mellinger, the founder, is the man who invented the push-up bra.  Enough said.

Frederick’s of Hollywood Discounts and Coupon Codes

Halloween – Free Shipping

FREE Shipping on All Costumes

Deal ends October 10, 2014 – SHOP NOW!


50% Off 2nd Purchase

Buy any 1 full price item and then qualify to save an extra 50% off of all clearance items.

Deal ends October 7, 2014 – SHOP NOW!


New Bras!

New Bras Only $29.50

Deal ends September 29, 2014 – SHOP NOW!


Free Shipping on $75+

Deal ends April 15 – SHOP NOW!

Complimentary standard shipping with purchase of $75 or more within the continental U.S. only and not available with other offers or on previous orders. Subject to reduction by returns, cancellations or exchanges. Offer valid on and


5 Panties for $25

Ongoing discount

No Codes needed



Free shipping

When you spend at least $95

No coupon code needed