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Discount Amazon Prime Membership $49

The regular Amazon Prime membership can certainly pay for itself over the course of a year with all of the free shipping offers and also all of the other offers that I’m sure a lot of people don’t realize they are getting.

An Amazon Prime account usually costs $99 per year, up $20 over the 2013 price.  But, there is a way you can get the account for just $49.  I’ll call it the student hack.

Amazon Prime Student accounts only cost $49 per year, and you technically don’t need to be a student to get it.

If you are currently attending a college, you should have an email addrss from your university that ends in .edu.  Also, lots of colleges let you keep your .edu email address after you graduate.

To get this discounted Amazon Prime rate, all you need to do is sign up with your .edu email address from the college that you attend now, or graduated from.

Amazon Prime Student benefits include:

  • Free two-day shipping
  • Free release date delivery of video games
  • Unlimited photo storage
  • 30 minute exclusive access to Lightning Deals and special discount events on
  • Free access to books on Kindle First
  • Ad-free listening to millions of songs on the Amazon music library
  • Streaming of movies and TV shows with Prime Instant Video

Another “hack” you can use to get free stuff with prime, is the not so urgent shipping option.  Sure, Prime is great for getting free 2 day shipping, but if you aren’t in a hurry you can get free shipping (delayed a bit) and get a $1 credit for purchasing books, ebooks, music, and streaming movies.  You can bank all of those credits and get completely free books and movies, technically.

Sign up to Amazon Prime Student here..

Quicken 2014 Discounts – Amazon

I found some great deals on Quicken today.  Tax season is finally coming to an end, so hopefully some of us will make it easier on ourselves next year by using something like Quicken to keep all of our financial information more organized than it probably was in 2012.

The prices below are as of March 26, 2013 and they are on Amazon so the prices may have gone up or down since then.  The Amazon prices will usually vary by just a few dollars, so it won’t be much of a difference. This should still be a lot less than you should expect to pay in stores.

Discount Pricing:

Quicken 2013 Products

  • Quicken Starter Edition 2013

  • Quicken Essentials for Mac

  • Quicken Rental Property Manager 2013

Quicken 2013 Downloads

Downloads give you immediate access and save you on shipping fees since there is no disk to ship.  Backup downloads are available from Amazon in case you lose it on your system.

  • Quicken Deluxe 2013

  • Quicken Premier 2013

  • Quicken Home & Business 2013

  • Quicken Rental Property Manager 2013

  • Quicken Starter Edition 2013

Special Savings on Quicken 2013:

When you purchase the 2012 versions of TurboTax Basic, Deluxe, Premier, or Home & Business, you qualify for special savings on Quicken 2013.

Use promo code BTTG3OSE to save $30 on Quicken Starter Edition 2013, or use promo code BTTG35QK to save $35 on Quicken Deluxe 2013, Premier 2013, Home & Business 2013, or Essentials for Mac.

Learn more.

Amazon Clothing Discounts – March

I used to do all of my clothes shopping on other websites, until I realized that the regular prices on Amazon are almost always cheaper than the rest of the web.  Zappos used to be my go-to for sneakers and dress shoes, because I thought it was the cheapest site, until I did a little price comparison with Amazon (Amazon usually won).

Now, take these discounts, and you’ll probably get the clothes you want for the cheapest price that you could find.  This March, there are deals on denim, shoes and “spring clothing”.  I’m not sure what the “spring clothing” is, so if you’d like to see, then click on the banner below to see the selection.

Denim – Get your designer jeans or other brands for a major deal.


Spring Clothing – I’m still not sure what determines “spring styles”, but you can find out by clicking the link.


Spring Shoes – Again with the spring theme…


Athletic Shoes


Handbags, sunglasses and more

Turbo Tax Discount 2014

It is never too early to get started on your taxes.  I personally like to use websites like Turbo Tax or H&R Block. An accountant can wind up costing so much that it washes out a part of the money you should be getting back.

Turbo Tax is so easy to use, and it helps you find all of the deductions that a lot of acountants wouldn’t even think of doing.  They will go through a set of questions that will get you wondering why you never wrote off some of your purchases in earlier years.

Turbo Tax has a few different options of services depending on the type of income that you have.  Prices generally range from Free to $99.99.  BUT…we don’t pay full price for anything here!

Amazon Discounts for Turbo Tax

(Prices are updated daily, and we are noticing a trend that prices are going up about a dollar a day since this deal started)

TurboTax Basic Federal + E-File 2012

TurboTax Deluxe Federal + E-File + State 2012

TurboTax Premier Federal + E-File + State 2012

TurboTax Home & Business Federal + E-File + State 2012

There are different reasons that you would opt for each of the Turbo Tax products.  If you have no deductions and made under $40,000 I would just say use the free e-file option on their home page.  Otherwise, click here to see Amazon give you options to decide which is the best tax return software for you.

Quicken and Turbo Tax Discount Code

When you purchase Turbo Tax through Amazon, you can also get a discounted price by adding Quicken 2013 to your order.

  • Use promo code BTTG3OSE to save $30 on Quicken Starter Edition 2013, or
  • Use promo code BTTG35QK to save $35 on Quicken Deluxe 2013, Premier 2013, Home & Business 2013, or Essentials for Mac.

Amazon Musical Instruments Discounts

There are always random deals going on in different departments of the Amazon website, and different people luck out when they choose their category.  This March, Amazon is making musicians their target for major deals.

You can get extreme savings of up to 60% off until April 1st on a lot of different instruments and music accessories.

After this sale is over, there are still some other savings of up to 50% off some of the items.

Most band members don’t have the funds to go out and buy new guitars, amps, drums or another instrument so a discount like this one is one worth looking into.

There are too many individual items to list here, but you can save 60% off of a lot on things like:

These discounts won’t be around long, so check them out while you can.  When this deal is over, there is an ongoing music equipment discount going on where you can save 50% off instruments and accessories instead. Shop Amazon – Top Deals in Musical Instruments: Save up to 50

Amazon Running Shoes Sale – Limited Time

The weather should start getting warm enough soon to get outside and do some running.  Both for your health and for your beach body, you should get started with some cardio exercises as soon as possible.

Special shoes designed just for running can get a little expensive.  But, they are there to help you achieve your goals without destroying your joints.  A good pair of running shoes can spare you from a lot of pain that you’d get from some non-traditional sneakers or worn down shoes.

Right now, you can save 20% on running shoes when you spend $80 on qualifying items on Amazon.

The Amazon Promo Code is SPORTS13

CLICK HERE for the discount!

Women's Discounts

Women’s Discounts

amazon mens  running shoe disount

Men’s Discounts









Deal Terms and Conditions

To receive the 20% promotional discount, spend $80 on qualifying items sold and shipped by

  • Add products described in the promotion to your Shopping Cart via the “Add to cart” button on the product information pages.
  • Enter promo code: SPORTS13 on the Checkout page.
  • The amount of the savings will be reflected on the final order checkout page and will be allocated proportionally to all participating items in the Shopping Cart.
  • If you remove the qualifying products from your Shopping Cart or your order, or violate any of the terms and conditions listed below, the promotion will be invalid, and the discount will be removed from the order.

Terms & Conditions

  • Promotional offer valid through 11:59 p.m. (Pacific Time) March 4, 2013. Items placed in Shopping Cart overnight may not be eligible for promotion at time of checkout.
  • Amazon reserves the right to cancel the promotion at any time.
  • The promotion applies only to qualifying items displaying the offer message on their product information pages. Items that do not display the offer message do not qualify, regardless of the nature of the item.
  • The promotion applies only to products sold by Amazon. It does not apply to the same products sold by other sellers.
  • All qualifying items must be purchased in one order and shipped to a single address.
  • If you return any of the promotion items, we will subtract the value of the discount from your return credit.
  • Shipping and handling charges may apply.
  • This promotion may not be combined with other offers, including promotional certificates.
  • Does not apply to orders placed with 1-Click.
  • Offer good while supplies last.
  • Void where prohibited.