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SHOPPING HACK: How I Paid Only $47.31 for $100 shoes

I’m actually really impressed with myself for this one!

Last week I got my tax return, so I have some money to buy things that I’ve been needing/wanting.  That doesn’t mean I’m going to go out and spend all of the money without looking for the best possible deals though.  My brown dress shoes for work are getting a little ratty and smelly, so I went looking for a replacement.

I’m going to break this down into a few steps.


I went to a discount shoe store, Off Broadway, to find some good brand name shoes for a discount.  I like going to that store because they have TONS of options to choose from that I wouldn’t find otherwise at most department stores or single brand store.

I tried on a bunch of different shoes and was looking for something under $80.  I found this pair for that actual price and they fit perfectly and I liked the way they looked.

While holding the shoes considering the purchase, I figured I’d look online for better prices.  They were the same exact price on Amazon, so I figured since I know the fit that works I’ll go home and think before spending $80 plus tax.


This is the easy part that everyone knows about.  I just Googled the shoe brand and style then clicked on “shopping” under the toolbar to find Google’s shopping comparison.  I saw that the lowest price was still the $80 one, but this was on a few sites where it was listed for sale.


Last Christmas I went home to New York for a few days.  My brother mentioned sites like Cardpool and Saveya that you can buy discounted gift cards from.  He was skeptical but tried it and it worked.  This seemed like a good time for me to try this out.

I looked at all of the sites that were selling these shoes for the same discount, or at least close to what I saw at Off Broadway and Amazon.  Then I cross-checked them with the gift card sites and saw that JC Penny had a lot of highly discounted gift cards and the shoes were on sale for 80% off, coming to $80.


So at this point I found a cheap gift card for JC Penny from Cardpool, saving 20% right there PLUS the 20% sale price of the shoes.  I got to the checkout to make sure the sale was going to be right before I bought the gift card and then my Honey Chrome extension offered to use some promo codes.  I totally forgot I even had that extension installed!

Honey ran through 10 different codes and landed on one that saved me $20.  Now I’m at $59.99 for $100 shoes, but then tax and shipping come into play.

Shipping was another $7.95, but I had the option to avoid that and pick up in store, so I obviously picked that.

With tax the total price of the $100 shoes were now $65.39.  That is $35.61 in savings…SO FAR!


I saw a card for $52.31 that somehow hit the exact $65.39 gift card.  In other terms, I was able to buy a $65.39 (exact price I owed) gift card for $52.31.

Then on the checkout page I saw the option to use a coupon code for Cardpool.  Then straight to Google!

The first result from RetailMeNot got me a code for $5 off as a first time customer.

$5 off, now I only had to pay $47.31 for the gift card!


$100 shoes – 20% discount at JC Penney = $79.99

$79.99 – $20 Honey promo code = $59.99

+tax = $65.39

$65.39 gift card for $52.31 – $5 promo code


Macy’s Online Discounts

Macy’s is one of the old school department stores that has been able to survive and grow over the years, unlike some of their older competition.  You can find a giant Macy’s store at just about any major mall you come across.  Usually if you are in a nice area and there is a Macy’s, you’re likely to find a Bloomingdale’s in the same mall.  Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s are both part of the same company, but you’re more likely to find high end luxury products at Bloomingdale’s while Macy’s will have more affordable products.

Current Macy’s Coupon Codes and Discounts

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