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Extra 500MB DropBox Space for Free Accounts

When you sign up for a regular Drop Box account, you will be given the standard 2.5 gigabytes for free from  You can use this to store basically any files you have on your computer, but if that isn’t enough you can pay $9.99 a month for 10gb of storage.

There is an alternative though to get more free space, starting with an extra 500MB immediately and then up to a total of 16gb for free.

To get 3 gigs from day one, you can start by signing up for an account clicking here.  That is my personal referal page that gives new members an extra 500 megabytes of free data storage.

Now after you sign up for your account (or if you already have a Drop Box account), you can go to the referral page like I did and refer friends or family to sign up for account.  If they sign up for a free account, each of you will be given an extra 500 megabytes of space.

You can keep getting people to sign up under your referral link to get 500 megabytes per person until you max out at 16 gigabytes of free Drob Box space.

The referral link can be found by going to the bottom of the Drop Box page after you log in, then clicking “Referrals” or you can follow this link.

What is a Coupon Code

Internet retailers provide special discount pricing to individuals through either a special price advertised on their site, or by offering special “coupon code”s that are used at a certain point of the buying process.  These special codes are often hidden from plain site so that only a select group of people will know about them.  These companies use these codes for different marketing reasons.

Where to Find Coupon Codes

For starters, you can look around this website.  Besides, there are a lot of other coupon code websites that are around strictly for providing their visitors with savings from other websites.  These coupon websites provide coupons to either earn affiliate money from the purchases or to bring traffic to their websites from people searching for a specific coupon code.

Another way that you can get promo codes easily is to subscribe to email lists of your favorite companies.  Most internet retailers will send promotional emails with special coupon codes available only to their email subscribers as an incentive for remaining on the email list.

Lots of websites even have their promo codes scattered around their website either in a popup, in the top of the site, or in a sales/discounts section of the website.  For example, Victoria’s Secret puts their discount codes on their homepage inside of their ads as well as their “Sales and Specials” section of the webpage.

Other Names for Coupon Codes

Different companies will call their codes different things, but they are all the same in reality.  Other names for coupon codes include:

  • promotional codes
  • promotion codes
  • discount codes
  • key codes
  • promo codes
  • sales codes
  • shopping codes
  • voucher codes
  • reward codes
  • referral codes

How to Use a Coupon Code

Most sites will require you to enter the coupon code at the end of the buying process.  When you look in your cart or checkout page, there is often a text field available that says “coupon code” or one of the above mentioned alternate names.  Enter your code and hit enter.  This should compute your savings immediately.

How to use a coupon code

Free Pandora One Hack with Hitbliss

I usually use Pandora when I’m in the gym since the system has basically figured out the right music to keep me on track while I’m working out.  One of the most annoying things is when I’m in the middle of a workout set and on pops some corny commercial from one of Pandora’s advertisers that ends up messing up my energy.

I can’t really say the annoyance is worth paying the Pandora One fees, but if somebody were to give me a Pandora One subscription for free, I wouldn’t balk at that.

There was this program that I found a while ago, called Hitbliss, that lets you watch movies and tv shows for free online.  There are no commercial interruptions, because you watch the commercial first to “earn money” that you can keep in your Hitbliss bank to watch movies.

I never actually watched any of the movies on Hitbliss since I hate watching movies on my computer screen, but I racked up a decent account balance that has just been sitting there.  Recently I logged in to see if they had anything new to offer and noticed Pandora One in the redeemable products.

How to Get Pandora One for Free

  1. Sign up for an account at
  2. Watch enough ads to earn at least $3.99
  3. Click “Pandora” at the top menu bar of the Hitbliss program
  4. Subscribe – Link to your Pandora account
  5. Repeat monthly for free Pandora One all year

Click here for more information

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Free Stuff Year Round (Part 1)

I’m a big advocate of getting things for free, especially when you can assure that there will be no strings attached.  Sometimes free samples require signing up for something that will either cost you money later on, or just annoy you with constant emails or phone calls.

This list below is a bunch of different days of the year that companies will give out free products that they sell.

Free Stuff in January

National Popcorn Day – January 19

This is a little known “holiday” where you can usually find some free popcorn being handed out at movie theaters, malls or stores that sell gourmet popcorn.

Free Stuff in February

National Pancake Day – February (varies)

IHOP created this holiday to raise money for charities by giving away free stacks of pancakes one day a year every year.  The pancakes are free, but they accept donations for their charities.

World Yoga Day – February 23

Yoga studios around the country will offer free yoga classes to celebrate the holiday and try and get some newbies interested in this amazing healthy habit.

Free Stuff in March

Rita’s Italian Ice – March 20

For those of you lucky enough to be close to a Rita’s location, you can get a free limited edition cup of Italian ice to celebrate the return of spring.

World Backup Day – March 31

Use this day to get some free or discounted computer backup offers online.

Ben and Jerry’s Free Cone Day – Varies from March-April

The date changes every year, so check in with them in early March to find out when Ben and Jerry’s is giving away a free scoop of their ice cream to guests.

Free Stuff in April

Earth Day – April 22

Lots of stores will give away free stuff that benefits the environment.  You can find things being given away from places like the Disney Store, Target, Best Buy and Home Depot including seeds, bags and energy efficient lights.

National Pretzel Day – April 26

Get yourself a free pretzel from whatever local pretzel retailer you have.  Whether it is Auntie Anne’s or Wetzels Pretzels, you should be able to get yourself a free snack.


Best Streaming Options – Cut Cable to Save Money

There is a new trend going around where people are ripping up their cable bills and handing in their boxes.  This is known as “cord cutting”.  They are going to an entirely digital direction to getting their video content to avoid paying over $100 per month on cable bills.

There are some devices that you can buy now, for less than the price of a month of cable, that you can use to stream movies and tv shows to your TV without needing cable.

Instead of paying a cable bill, you will just need to get a broadband internet connection.  You can do this now with your cable provider or even through companies like AT&T or Verizon.  Then after that, you will pay smaller fees for services like Netflix and Hulu Plus.

Streaming Devices

These devices generally just hook up to your internet connection then have a special digital interface that allows you to browse through different “channels” like Netflix or Hulu.  There are some devices that you can buy to work with your TV, or you can now buy a “Smart TV” that has this software already in it.

Top Streaming Devices

  1. Roku – They just released the new Roku 3 model that is leagues better than the original (which was already one of the best).  There are 4 models ranging in price from $49.99-$99.99.  For more info on the Roku 3 click here.
  2. Video Game Systems – If you already own a PS3, Xbox 360 or a WiiU then you have some of the best functions already available.  The new Xbox and Playstations coming out next year might be the best streaming devices yet though.  Wait if you don’t have one yet.
  3. Apple TV – Apple is a little behind in the streaming TV world.  Their product is similar to the Roku, but not as good.  This is best for people who own iPads or iPhones because they can work with those devices already.
  4. Smart TV – Many of the new TVs coming out now have Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and other streaming capabilities built into them.  These are best when you want to keep your accessories low and your shelves empty of extra devices.
  5. Blu Ray Players – New DVD and Blu Ray players sometimes have these features built into them so you can stream from your DVD player.  So far these aren’t the best, but if you need a new Blu Ray or DVD player, this could be a good idea for you.


These are the programs that you can use to get content sent to your TV.  Some are free while others have a small monthly or annual fee.  The benefits of all of these programs is that you can watch what you want, when you want (given the movies are in the catalog).

  • Netflix – This is the best streaming service available right now.  Everybody is trying to beat them, but they were the first and the most innovative streaming service right now. Netflix is even introducing original programming available only on their service.  House of Cards is one of the best shows on TV that you can’t watch on TV.  A new season of Arrested Development is coming soon as well.  The subscription fee is $7.99 a month and you can get a free month trial by clicking here.

  • Hulu Plus – You can watch Hulu for free on your computer, but if you want to stream it, there is a fee of $7.99 a month.  Hulu Plus has some movies, but not as many as Netflix does.  The benefits to having Hulu is that you can watch lots of TV shows the day after they air and all episodes of current seasons for many shows.  Start Your Hulu Plus Free Trial Now!
  • Amazon Instant – This service has plenty of movies, but the worst interface right now.  Once they clean up the program and make it easier to browse for movies, it will be much better.  Amazon Prime originally was just a service that gave free shipping to Amazon customers, but now the $79.95 annual fee also gets you free access to lots of their movies/TV shows, free books for your Kindle and free two day shipping.  If you have Amazon Instant on your streaming device, you also have the option of “renting” or buying movies that aren’t in the free catalog.  Some of these are new releases.
  • Redbox Instant – Redbox recently got into the streaming business.  This only works on Apple and Android phones/tablets, Xbox 360 and Samsung Smart TVs & DVD Players.  The cost is $8 per month and you also get 4 DVD credits every month to use at your neighborhood Redbox location.
  • Blockbuster – Blockbuster is trying really hard to stay alive after Netflix destroyed their business with DVDs by mail first and then streaming movies later.  They do not have a monthly service for unlimited streaming, but rather a pay per view option.  They have a huge catalog of movies and plenty of new releases.  This is worth having on your system to find new releases that you cannot get from Amazon Instant.
  • Vudu – This is another one of the pay as you go plans.  No subscription fees, but you pay per movie that you watch.  It costs $2 to rent a movie for 2 nights.  They boast having the largest catalog of movies online.
  • Crackle – Add this to your collection because it is…FREE movie and TV streaming.  Crackle is a Sony owned streaming service that gets you a decent amount of the Sony movie/TV catalog for free streaming.  The catch, you have to watch some awkwardly placed commercials.

Stream Live Sports

A big reason that a lot of people refuse to cancel their cable is because they will be missing out on live sports.  I don’t think cord cutting is going to be huge until ESPN and the NFL decide to go online, but that isn’t going to be anytime soon.  Some sports are available with streaming subscriptions though.

  • MLB.TV – This service lets you watch live MLB games on your computer, smart phone or TV.  It costs $129.99 for the year or $24.99 monthly.
  • NHL Gamecenter Live – This is getting on more devices now, and it lets you watch hockey games on your phone, tablet, TV or computer.  This service costs $49.99 annually or $24.99 semi-annually
  • WatchESPN – I said ESPN won’t go streaming, but that is only a half lie.  They have some events available to watch online for free on ESPN3, but have streaming available on a few devices for a fee.  Right now you can get WatchESPN streaming on you Apple/Android products, Kindle Fire and Xbox 360.  Some live events are available as well as SportsCenter. is available at no additional cost to fans with subscriptions to participating high speed internet service providers. Click HERE to view a complete list of participating providers.

Cons – What you can’t get (Yet at least)

The pay TV companies have a stronghold on you if you want some of the best programming available.  You won’t be able to get premium cable channels or their shows.  That means no HBO with Game of Thrones, Girls and Boardwalk Empire.  No Showtime with Homeland and Shameless.

As for sports, you can get subscriptions to some of your sports like MLB, MLS, MMA and NHL.  You won’t be able to get NFL streaming or most major events like playoffs and championship games.  But, you can always go to a bar or a friends to watch these games.  They are more fun with a group anyway.