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Frugal Pet Care Hacks

If you own a pet, you probably feel a deep connection with it. I myself perceive my pets as family members in a way. My two dogs are my friends and I take care of them like I would take care of my own children. They are very special to me. I try to give them the best possible living conditions in my home. But taking care of two dogs doesn’t come so easy or cheap for that matter. So here is some advice that I hope will be useful for all of you pet owners out there.

Pet care money saving tricks

cat-205757_640If you want your pets to be healthy and happy, you will have to provide them with nutritious pet food, vaccinations, regular visits to the good old vet and some grooming and de-worming treatments. All of this takes some serious money spending but there are tricks for saving money that can be real life savers. First of all, before ever getting a pet think about visiting pet rescue centers. I got one of my dogs from a dog rescue center, and one I picked up from the street myself. Purebred dogs can cost a fortune. If you go to a dog rescue center you will be able to adopt a beautiful dog for free. These dogs are usually alone in the world and did not have an easy time, so if you decide to adopt, you might save their lives by providing them with a loving home. Emotionally, this is a more satisfying approach to meeting with your new pet. So, if you want to get a dog for free and be humane at the same time, try this option.

As far as food is concerned, you should not buy great quantities of food that is very cheap and of bad quality. You will just give that extra money you save to the vet later. You can browse the Internet for better pet food that is healthy and nutritious and give your pet recommended doses only. Stock up on good quality pet food on sales you can find on the Internet and in pet stores, and always try to be informed of these sales. This is also a way to save money. A wise move is to take your pet to the vet occasionally, if its mood should change. Mood swings are usually indicative of a pain they may be suffering, and waiting it out makes the scale of damage greater, the pet more uncomfortable, and treatment more expensive.

As for obligatory medication – de-worming and such, any vet’s office has special offers every couple of months. With both of my dogs I managed to score a cheaper vet’s office session where they were de-wormed and received their microchip implants in one go.

Home grooming and accessorizing

dog-garden-girl-4273-825x550Grooming your pets in pet saloons can be very expensive. You pet doesn’t need to have a modern haircut or have its fur died. Let’s face it, this is not natural for your pet and it can be an expensive and unnecessary luxury. Your pet should be clean and its nails should be trimmed and this is the only grooming your pet really needs in order to be healthy and happy. You can do all of this at home by yourself.  That is unless you have a poodle, or another breed whose fur grows incessantly. Poodles require haircuts, but owners can give them, themselves. My mother has a poodle, and she trims her fur at home – not for cutting expenses, but because the dog is a rescue, and very wary of strangers, and we still haven’t found a professional groomer/dog whisperer for the job.

There is also the question of accessories for pets. Should your pet be covered with clothes, jewelry and bling? Vets say that it is not natural for them to be dressed at all times or covered in dog jewelry. It makes them nervous, anxious and unhappy. So spending your money on these things isn’t really a good idea. Your pet needs a collar and a leash, and everything else is up to you. However, if you live someplace where the winters are harsh, and your pet has short fur, you will be needing a coverup of some sort, to protect it from the cold. An old sweatshirt should do the trick, and if the dog is a smaller breed – the leg of a pair of sweatpants.

Top Black Friday Coupon Codes

It’s that time of year again!  Whether you are buying gifts for friends/family or you’re just ready to buy some stuff for yourself at a crazy deal, you’re likely to find a good discount this Black Friday or Cyber Monday.  The good news this year…lots of these rock bottom prices are going on from Thanksgiving until the first week of December.  Some…not all!

2014 Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals

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Discount Amazon Prime Membership $49

The regular Amazon Prime membership can certainly pay for itself over the course of a year with all of the free shipping offers and also all of the other offers that I’m sure a lot of people don’t realize they are getting.

An Amazon Prime account usually costs $99 per year, up $20 over the 2013 price.  But, there is a way you can get the account for just $49.  I’ll call it the student hack.

Amazon Prime Student accounts only cost $49 per year, and you technically don’t need to be a student to get it.

If you are currently attending a college, you should have an email addrss from your university that ends in .edu.  Also, lots of colleges let you keep your .edu email address after you graduate.

To get this discounted Amazon Prime rate, all you need to do is sign up with your .edu email address from the college that you attend now, or graduated from.

Amazon Prime Student benefits include:

  • Free two-day shipping
  • Free release date delivery of video games
  • Unlimited photo storage
  • 30 minute exclusive access to Lightning Deals and special discount events on
  • Free access to books on Kindle First
  • Ad-free listening to millions of songs on the Amazon music library
  • Streaming of movies and TV shows with Prime Instant Video

Another “hack” you can use to get free stuff with prime, is the not so urgent shipping option.  Sure, Prime is great for getting free 2 day shipping, but if you aren’t in a hurry you can get free shipping (delayed a bit) and get a $1 credit for purchasing books, ebooks, music, and streaming movies.  You can bank all of those credits and get completely free books and movies, technically.

Sign up to Amazon Prime Student here..

Extra 500MB DropBox Space for Free Accounts

When you sign up for a regular Drop Box account, you will be given the standard 2.5 gigabytes for free from  You can use this to store basically any files you have on your computer, but if that isn’t enough you can pay $9.99 a month for 10gb of storage.

There is an alternative though to get more free space, starting with an extra 500MB immediately and then up to a total of 16gb for free.

To get 3 gigs from day one, you can start by signing up for an account clicking here.  That is my personal referal page that gives new members an extra 500 megabytes of free data storage.

Now after you sign up for your account (or if you already have a Drop Box account), you can go to the referral page like I did and refer friends or family to sign up for account.  If they sign up for a free account, each of you will be given an extra 500 megabytes of space.

You can keep getting people to sign up under your referral link to get 500 megabytes per person until you max out at 16 gigabytes of free Drob Box space.

The referral link can be found by going to the bottom of the Drop Box page after you log in, then clicking “Referrals” or you can follow this link.

What is a Coupon Code

Internet retailers provide special discount pricing to individuals through either a special price advertised on their site, or by offering special “coupon code”s that are used at a certain point of the buying process.  These special codes are often hidden from plain site so that only a select group of people will know about them.  These companies use these codes for different marketing reasons.

Where to Find Coupon Codes

For starters, you can look around this website.  Besides, there are a lot of other coupon code websites that are around strictly for providing their visitors with savings from other websites.  These coupon websites provide coupons to either earn affiliate money from the purchases or to bring traffic to their websites from people searching for a specific coupon code.

Another way that you can get promo codes easily is to subscribe to email lists of your favorite companies.  Most internet retailers will send promotional emails with special coupon codes available only to their email subscribers as an incentive for remaining on the email list.

Lots of websites even have their promo codes scattered around their website either in a popup, in the top of the site, or in a sales/discounts section of the website.  For example, Victoria’s Secret puts their discount codes on their homepage inside of their ads as well as their “Sales and Specials” section of the webpage.

Other Names for Coupon Codes

Different companies will call their codes different things, but they are all the same in reality.  Other names for coupon codes include:

  • promotional codes
  • promotion codes
  • discount codes
  • key codes
  • promo codes
  • sales codes
  • shopping codes
  • voucher codes
  • reward codes
  • referral codes

How to Use a Coupon Code

Most sites will require you to enter the coupon code at the end of the buying process.  When you look in your cart or checkout page, there is often a text field available that says “coupon code” or one of the above mentioned alternate names.  Enter your code and hit enter.  This should compute your savings immediately.

How to use a coupon code

Free Stuff Year Round (Part 1)

I’m a big advocate of getting things for free, especially when you can assure that there will be no strings attached.  Sometimes free samples require signing up for something that will either cost you money later on, or just annoy you with constant emails or phone calls.

This list below is a bunch of different days of the year that companies will give out free products that they sell.

Free Stuff in January

National Popcorn Day – January 19

This is a little known “holiday” where you can usually find some free popcorn being handed out at movie theaters, malls or stores that sell gourmet popcorn.

Free Stuff in February

National Pancake Day – February (varies)

IHOP created this holiday to raise money for charities by giving away free stacks of pancakes one day a year every year.  The pancakes are free, but they accept donations for their charities.

World Yoga Day – February 23

Yoga studios around the country will offer free yoga classes to celebrate the holiday and try and get some newbies interested in this amazing healthy habit.

Free Stuff in March

Rita’s Italian Ice – March 20

For those of you lucky enough to be close to a Rita’s location, you can get a free limited edition cup of Italian ice to celebrate the return of spring.

World Backup Day – March 31

Use this day to get some free or discounted computer backup offers online.

Ben and Jerry’s Free Cone Day – Varies from March-April

The date changes every year, so check in with them in early March to find out when Ben and Jerry’s is giving away a free scoop of their ice cream to guests.

Free Stuff in April

Earth Day – April 22

Lots of stores will give away free stuff that benefits the environment.  You can find things being given away from places like the Disney Store, Target, Best Buy and Home Depot including seeds, bags and energy efficient lights.

National Pretzel Day – April 26

Get yourself a free pretzel from whatever local pretzel retailer you have.  Whether it is Auntie Anne’s or Wetzels Pretzels, you should be able to get yourself a free snack.