Walmart Oil Change Coupons 2015

I have spent a lot of time posting about oil change coupons over the last year or so.  My other website, Cheap Oil Change Coupons gets updates everyday with all of the cheap oil change deals that I come across or that are sent my way.

While working on that site, people would land on the page every single day seeking out Walmart oil change coupons.  You would think with all of the discounts and “rolled back” pricing, you wouldn’t need any extra savings.  But it turns out, Wal-mart oil changes aren’t priced inexpensively relative to the rest of the store.

But, there were also no coupons to be found all year.  The closest you can get to a discount would be to get 5 quarts of motor oil on sale and do the oil change yourself.  This isn’t a bad option, but most people prefer to have a trained technician perform the service for them rather than rely on a do it yourself (DIY) oil change.

If you have the tools for this work, then I recommend you get this deal and try it out.  There is a certain sense of satisfaction when you do work like this, especially when you realize how much money you saved.

Will there be Walmart oil change coupons in 2015?  I don’t believe there will be.  I contacted the company to ask them, and they said there are none coming out in the foreseeable future.  In the meantime, you might want to look for Sears, Pep boys, Midas, NTB or Meineke deals.  They all run discounts every month and most of their shops are reliable.

Also, check Groupon for regular deals.  Give it 2 weeks of searching, and an oil change Groupon will pop up, most likely.

In the meantime, if you want to attempt to do an oil change yourself, you can find the local sales for your Walmart by clicking here.  Look into the automotive section to see if there is motor oil and filters on sale.

Valvoline Oil Change Coupon 2015

Valvoline is one of the most known and respected brands of motor oil available today.  They are an innovative company that creates a premium lubricant for an affordable price.  This company leads the industry in creating new products, most notably with the recent creation of a fully recycled motor oil, NextGen.

You can get Valvoline coupons for oil changes with most quick lube stations and mechanic shops, or you can go straight to the source and get your oil changed at one of their two stations with their namesake, Valvoline Instant Oil Change and Valvoline Express Care.

Valvoline Instant Oil Change

  • valvoline instant oil change coupon$7 Off of a full synthetic or synthtetic blend full-service oil change – Expires June 30, 2015
    • Text VIOC7 to 58720
  • Get $5 Off of a full-service conventional oil change – Expires June 30, 2015
    • Text VIOC5 to 58720
  • $10 off Southern California locations (Previously EZ Lube oil change locations)

Valvoline Express Care

Discount oil changes can be found at specific locations.  Valvoline Express care shops are all franchise owned and coupons are only available from individual shops.  To find your closest location and coupons check the Valvoline Express Care locations map.

Valvoline Coupons

You can also get coupons for Valvoline oil changes at other retailers.  Pep Boys and NTB often run specials on oil changes using Valvoline motor oil.

Pep Boys Oil Change Coupons

Pep Boys is like the super auto parts store.  It is one of the few that you can get pretty much any part you’d ever need, borrow tools or even get services done for you.

I used to work at a Pep Boys in New York, so I know that the prices there are pretty competitive when it comes to services like brakes and tires.  The reason for this, well they sell parts to mechanics to make repairs at the independent shops.  The mechanics aren’t getting the parts at the same price as Pep Boys, yet they still mark them up.

NEW Pep Boys Oil Change Coupons

pep-boys-cheapoilchange-coupon$19.99 PEP BOYS CONVENTIONAL OIL CHANGE

  • 5 quarts of conventional motor oil
  • 25 point safety check
  • Free tire pressure check

Expires April 30, 2015



Discount tune up coupon from Pep Boys 201510% Off Tune Up with Coupon

Use this coupon to save 10% off of any diagnostic or maintenance tune-up

*Tune up includes spark plugs and installation

Expires April 30, 2015



Recently Expired Pep Boys Coupons – Printable

pepboys-synthetic-oilchange-couponHigh Mileage or Synthetic Oil Change – $10-$15 Off with Coupon

$10 off any high mileage oil change service

$15 off of any synthetic oil change service

  • Up to 5 quarts of high mileage or synthetic motor oil
  • Oil filter

Expires June 30, 2014



DIY Oil Change Coupon

$40 DIY Oil Change with Pennzoil Ultra Synthetic Oil and Purolator Oil Filter



mobil-1-synthetic-oil-change-coupon$10 Off Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil Change 

  • Up to 5 Quarts of synthetic Mobil 1 oil
  • Mobil 1 oil filter



pep-boys-tire-oil-change-couponFree Oil Change

Get a free oil change when you purchase at least 2 installed tires

Conventional oil change



NTB Coupons 2015

Despite being a company that is based around selling tires and batteries (National Tire and Battery), NTB is a great place to go for a cheap oil change.  Cheap oil changes here mean price, not quality of service.  You’ll get a high quality motor oil, like Valvoline, and will be serviced by a certified mechanic.

An added benefit to getting an NTB oil change, you can both schedule and pay online for your services.  This keeps you from getting any sneaky extra costs slipped into your bill…not saying everyone does that, but a lot of mechanics will.  Click for more info about NTB coupons.

Current NTB Oil Change Coupon

ntb-synthetic-oilchange-coupon$19.99 Oil Change Coupon

Oil change special starting at just $19.99! Plus, every oil change includes a complimentary inspection of things like your fluid levels, battery and wipers to be sure your car is campus-ready.

*Discount oil change only available when booking your appointment online

Schedule your discounted oil change


Recent NTB Coupons

ntb-valvoline-synthetic-oil-change-couponSynthetic Valvoline Oil Change

This Valvoline coupon will get you an $20 reward card with:

  • Valvoline Full Synthetic Oil
  • TPMS Reset where applicable
  • Tire Rotation
  • Belts and Hoses Check
  • Battery Check
  • Brakes Check
  • Fluids Top Off
  • Shop Fees

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ntb oilAll-Inclusive Pricing

$24.99 Conventional Oil Change 


  • Tire Rotation
  • TPMS Reset where applicable
  • Battery Check
  • Belts and Hoses Check
  • Brakes Check
  • Fluids Top Off
  • Oil Disposal
  • Shop Fees

Goodyear Coupons 2015

A little about Goodyear

Goodyear is almost always matched up in people’s minds with either Goodyear Tires or the Goodyear Blimp.  It is one of those companies that has set itself apart from others so much in one area that people forget or don’t even realize that there is a whole other side to their business.

Goodyear has an entire network of auto repair shops that can perform anything from regular car maintenance jobs up to bigger engine repairs.  Even if you just need an oil change, Goodyear can perform that service for you quickly.

Current Goodyear Oil Change Coupons

goodyear-oilchange-internet-couponDiscounted Valvoline Oil Changes

Save $5 on any oil change service:

  • Valvoline conventional oil change – $19.95
  • Valvoline MaxLife Synthetic Blend  Oil Change – $34.95
  • Valvoline Full Synthetic Oil Change – $54.95

Discount ends June 30, 2015

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$15 off Preventive Maintenance Fluids

Save $10 off of the Regular Price of any preventive maintenance fluids

Discount ends April 30, 2015

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goodyear-brake-coupon$25 off Any Brake Service of $100 or More

Most vehicles. No other discounts apply. Fluid disposal charge may apply. Additional charge for shop supplies, up to 7% or $25 maximum, may be added

Discount ends April 30, 2015

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$10 off a Computerized Wheel Alignment


  • Front caster
  • Camber & toe set to manufacturer’s specifications, where applicable
  • Reference & compensation, or adjustment of thrust line, depending on alignment type.

Discount ends April 30, 2015

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Recent Goodyear Coupons

$29.95 Summer Car Care Package


  • Standard oil change, lube, and filter
  • Tire Rotation, check tread depth and adjust air pressure
  • Top off under-hood fluids
  • Complete vehicle inspection-including brake condition
  • Examine all belts and hoses

Discount ends June 30, 2014

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Firestone Coupons 2015

Firestone is mainly known as a company that deals with manufacturing and installing tires, but did you know that you can get all of your preventative maintenance and most regular repair work done with them.  Firestone Complete Auto Stores offer most car services as well as selling tires on location.

Prices of keeping up with your car can become extremely expensive.  Using these deals can really help keep costs down, so check back often for newer deals, usually updated monthly.

Click here if you are looking for Firestone tire coupons.

NEW Firestone Coupons

You can click the links to each deal to setup an appointment with the discounted price.

Firestone Oil Change Coupons

Firestone 2015 April oil change coupon$10 Off Any Oil Change

Includes a free electronic battery check and up to 5 quarts of synthetic blend motor oil

Deal ends April 30, 2015


premium-oilchange-rebate2015Synthetic Oil Change Rebate

Save $15 with a mail in rebate for Kendall GT-1 Full Synthetic Oil changes from Firestone

Deal ends February 28, 2015


premium-oilchange-rebate2015High Mileage Oil Change Rebate

Save $10 with a mail in rebate for Kendall GT-1 High Mileage Oil changes from Firestone

Deal ends February 28, 2015


firestone-april-brake-servicecouponFirestone Brake Coupons

$89.99 standard brake service, per axle after $20 rebate

Installation of Wagner Thermo-Quiet brake pads with a Lifetime Replacement Warranty

Schedule your online appointment today – Expires May 31, 2015


Other Firestone Service Coupons

Firestone coupon for Shocks and/or Struts$120 Shocks and Struts Rebate

Get a Visa Prepaid Card back by mail with the purchase of qualifying products installed at a participating Firestone Complete Auto Care.

Deal ends April 30, 2015

Recent Firestone Coupons

*The following Firestone coupons have recently expired.  They are here to show what discounts were available recently.  If we don’t have any updated discounts, please leave a comment and we will get you the best discounts quickly.

Fall Car Care Package

$9.99 Fall Car Care Package at Firestone Complete Auto Care!

Ends September 30, 2013 – Click here for more info


Tire Rotation Coupon

  • $14.99 Summer car care check-up! Schedule an Appointment Today – Expires August 31, 2013


Discount Battery Coupon

  • $20 Off New Battery with rebate – Expires August  31, 2013


Firestone Coupons – Expired 2013

Firestone Coupon - Oil Changesummer-car-care-package-firestone

Synthetic oil change rebate - Firestonefirestone-brake-service-coupon