CBTL 20% Off This Weekend Only

This weekend only, there is a promo/discount code for the CBTL website to get 20% off of almost everything at CBTL.com and CoffeeBean.com.

The promo code for this weekend is HALL31

This promo code expires on October 28, 2012.

You can use the discount for coffee machines, accessories, coffee packs, etc.   There are a few restrictions that you will find on the website.

It seems like everybody has a Keurig machine nowadays.  There are plenty of other options for these single serve coffee machines that most people don’t know about.

One of my favorite single cup machines is the CTBL coffee machine made by the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Company.  Those of you on the East Coast that don’t know about Coffee Bean, long story short, they are way better than Starbucks.

With CBTL you can get a machine that uses Coffee Bean “pods” instead of the Keurig K-Cup.  They work in a very similar fashion to make you an instant cup of coffee rather than waiting for an old fashioned drip machine.20% off CBTL

I mention the CBTL machines rather than the rest of the products available, because it is getting close to the holiday time.  These coffee machines could make a great Christmas or Hanukkah present for somebody who loves to drink coffee.

Regular prices, before discounts as of today are:

  • Kaldi – $179.00
  • Americano – $149.00
  • Briosa – $119.00

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