Father’s Day Free Fandango Ticket

Man of Steel Free TicketThat was a tongue twister to try writing out.  Fathers Day Free Fandango Ticket!

Dads usually prefer to celebrate Fathers Day by spending some time with their children rather than getting gifts.  I mean, how many ties or hammers can you give your father over the course of your life.

This Fandango discount comes out with a perfect option for a Fathers Day present.  What dad doesn’t like the Superman franchise?

This offer gets you a free ticket to see Man of Steel for Father’s Day to see the movie with Dad.

Man of Steel looks like it is going to be an amazing movie both as a good story and also as a great action movie.  This one comes to you from the director of the Dark Knight series, Christopher Nolan.  He took over as producer on this project and Zack Synder, director of 300, is directing this time, so expect a grittier version of Superman this time around.