Firestone Coupons for October 2012

I try to save money on every single purchase I make.  Times are tough and one of the best ways to beat the tough economy is to avoid having to pay too much for anything.  Coupons from places like Firestone can help out significantly, as automotive service prices can rack up pretty quickly.

Firestone is one of those companies that likes to put out a lot of deals on many different services that they have to offer. We have plenty of deals that you can apply. Find all of these deals below.

Conventional Oil Change Coupon

This one will get you a conventional oil change with 5 quarts of Kendall GT-1 motor oil with Liquid Titanium as well as a brand new oil filter installed.  The cost of the oil change after this discount is $22.99.  The coupon expires on October 31, 2012 (Halloween).

Conventional Oil Change at Firestone Coupon

High Mileage or Synthetic Oil Change Coupon

Again with the Kendall GT-1 motor oil with Liquid Titanium.  This deal will also provide you with 5 quarts of motor oil plus a new oil filter. Some people require “premium oil changes” like synthetic or high mileage.  This discount will save you on either of those. Get a synthetic or high mileage oil change for a $5 instant discount, plus a $10 mail in rebate.

High Mileage or Synthetic Oil Change Coupon

Brake Service Coupon

If your brakes are screaming at you or you notice that your car isn’t stopping like it used to, it might mean that you are in the market for new brakes.  The price of new brakes can cost hundreds of dollars.  Use this coupon below to save a lot of money on brakes at Firestone.  You can use this discount to get brakes for $99 per axel.  This deal also expires on October 31, 2012 like the coupons above.

firestone brakes coupon

$29.99 Rotation & Balance

Firestone is predominantly a tire company, so they might as well do some services that include work on your tires. You can get a good deal on a tire rotation and balance by using the coupon below.  Print this deal up and bring it into a participating Firestone Complete Auto Care Center before the end of the month to get a full tire rotation and balance for just $29.99.

Tire Rotation coupon October 2012

Firestone Winter Tire Coupon

Well, it wouldn’t be a Firestone coupon post without some tires included.  Winter is coming up soon so one great way to be prepared for the snowy season is to get winter tires put on your car.  The coupon here will get you $50 off of a set of 4 Bridgestone Blizzak snow tires or $25 off of a set of 4 Firestone Winterforce snow tires.  And yes, this deal also lasts until October 31, 2012.

Firestone Winter Tire Coupon

Free Primewell Tire?

Yes you can get a free Primewell tire at Firestone.  The only catch being…you have to buy the other three tires in the set to get this discount. So buy 3 get one free  Or if you don’t need four tires, you can buy one and get the other Primewell tire at half off.  And again, this is another coupon for Firestone that expires on October 31, 2012.

Free Primewell Tire Coupon at Firestone

All coupons on this site were found on Firestone’s coupons section of their website.



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