Free Amazon Prime Trial

I have had an Amazon Prime subscription for a little over a year now, and I couldn’t be happier with the service.  In the time that I signed up for Prime, they have added so much more to make it well worth the $79 investment.

Amazon Prime was originally made to give customers free shipping on any order made on Amazon (for products fulfilled by Amazon shipping).  Now there are other services included that make it definitely worth the purchase.

Free Shipping

Without Prime, you can get free shipping on most orders over $25.  But if you want a smaller item, you might find yourself often filling the shopping cart just to meet that $25 minimum.  A $3 purchase jumped up to $28 just to avoid spending $4.95.

Use Amazon Prime and your shipping is always free on Amazon shipped sales.  I use it all of the time to buy products that I don’t have the time to go to the store for, that I know are cheaper on Amazon than in the store anyway.

Prime Streaming Videos

Amazon has a paid rental service, and then they have Amazon Prime Streaming.  Prime streaming has been the secretly growing database of TV series and movies that are available free to Amazon Prime members.  They are quickly increasing the catalog of things to watch as well as adding new shows that only air on Amazon Prime.  Compared to Netflix and Hulu Plus, it is actually cheaper by a few dollars a month.  The only difference is you pay it up front instead of monthly.

Book Borrowing

If you own an Amazon Kindle, then you have the added benefit of getting to borrow certain books for free through Amazon.  This works kind of like a movie rental where they will give you a free download of a book to read for a certain amount of time.  Its like using a library without having to deal with dirty books.