Free Stuff Year Round (Part 1)

I’m a big advocate of getting things for free, especially when you can assure that there will be no strings attached.  Sometimes free samples require signing up for something that will either cost you money later on, or just annoy you with constant emails or phone calls.

This list below is a bunch of different days of the year that companies will give out free products that they sell.

Free Stuff in January

National Popcorn Day – January 19

This is a little known “holiday” where you can usually find some free popcorn being handed out at movie theaters, malls or stores that sell gourmet popcorn.

Free Stuff in February

National Pancake Day – February (varies)

IHOP created this holiday to raise money for charities by giving away free stacks of pancakes one day a year every year.  The pancakes are free, but they accept donations for their charities.

World Yoga Day – February 23

Yoga studios around the country will offer free yoga classes to celebrate the holiday and try and get some newbies interested in this amazing healthy habit.

Free Stuff in March

Rita’s Italian Ice – March 20

For those of you lucky enough to be close to a Rita’s location, you can get a free limited edition cup of Italian ice to celebrate the return of spring.

World Backup Day – March 31

Use this day to get some free or discounted computer backup offers online.

Ben and Jerry’s Free Cone Day – Varies from March-April

The date changes every year, so check in with them in early March to find out when Ben and Jerry’s is giving away a free scoop of their ice cream to guests.

Free Stuff in April

Earth Day – April 22

Lots of stores will give away free stuff that benefits the environment.  You can find things being given away from places like the Disney Store, Target, Best Buy and Home Depot including seeds, bags and energy efficient lights.

National Pretzel Day – April 26

Get yourself a free pretzel from whatever local pretzel retailer you have.  Whether it is Auntie Anne’s or Wetzels Pretzels, you should be able to get yourself a free snack.