Frugal Pet Care Hacks

If you own a pet, you probably feel a deep connection with it. I myself perceive my pets as family members in a way. My two dogs are my friends and I take care of them like I would take care of my own children. They are very special to me. I try to give them the best possible living conditions in my home. But taking care of two dogs doesn’t come so easy or cheap for that matter. So here is some advice that I hope will be useful for all of you pet owners out there.

Pet care money saving tricks

cat-205757_640If you want your pets to be healthy and happy, you will have to provide them with nutritious pet food, vaccinations, regular visits to the good old vet and some grooming and de-worming treatments. All of this takes some serious money spending but there are tricks for saving money that can be real life savers. First of all, before ever getting a pet think about visiting pet rescue centers. I got one of my dogs from a dog rescue center, and one I picked up from the street myself. Purebred dogs can cost a fortune. If you go to a dog rescue center you will be able to adopt a beautiful dog for free. These dogs are usually alone in the world and did not have an easy time, so if you decide to adopt, you might save their lives by providing them with a loving home. Emotionally, this is a more satisfying approach to meeting with your new pet. So, if you want to get a dog for free and be humane at the same time, try this option.

As far as food is concerned, you should not buy great quantities of food that is very cheap and of bad quality. You will just give that extra money you save to the vet later. You can browse the Internet for better pet food that is healthy and nutritious and give your pet recommended doses only. Stock up on good quality pet food on sales you can find on the Internet and in pet stores, and always try to be informed of these sales. This is also a way to save money. A wise move is to take your pet to the vet occasionally, if its mood should change. Mood swings are usually indicative of a pain they may be suffering, and waiting it out makes the scale of damage greater, the pet more uncomfortable, and treatment more expensive.

As for obligatory medication – de-worming and such, any vet’s office has special offers every couple of months. With both of my dogs I managed to score a cheaper vet’s office session where they were de-wormed and received their microchip implants in one go.

Home grooming and accessorizing

dog-garden-girl-4273-825x550Grooming your pets in pet saloons can be very expensive. You pet doesn’t need to have a modern haircut or have its fur died. Let’s face it, this is not natural for your pet and it can be an expensive and unnecessary luxury. Your pet should be clean and its nails should be trimmed and this is the only grooming your pet really needs in order to be healthy and happy. You can do all of this at home by yourself.  That is unless you have a poodle, or another breed whose fur grows incessantly. Poodles require haircuts, but owners can give them, themselves. My mother has a poodle, and she trims her fur at home – not for cutting expenses, but because the dog is a rescue, and very wary of strangers, and we still haven’t found a professional groomer/dog whisperer for the job.

There is also the question of accessories for pets. Should your pet be covered with clothes, jewelry and bling? Vets say that it is not natural for them to be dressed at all times or covered in dog jewelry. It makes them nervous, anxious and unhappy. So spending your money on these things isn’t really a good idea. Your pet needs a collar and a leash, and everything else is up to you. However, if you live someplace where the winters are harsh, and your pet has short fur, you will be needing a coverup of some sort, to protect it from the cold. An old sweatshirt should do the trick, and if the dog is a smaller breed – the leg of a pair of sweatpants.