Movie Pass – See Unlimited Movies in Theaters

I was lucky enough to be one of the earliest users of the Movie Pass program.  They slowly rolled this out and you needed to be invited to use it, and invite took a few weeks.  The day they emailed me saying I was good to go, I immediately signed up.

If you are a fan of going to the movies, but hate paying $14 or so per ticket, this card saves you money easily.

I personally save about $40 a month using this program.  I’ll explain below.


How Moviepass Works

Moviepass is a monthly membership that you have a monthly bill for (as low as $24.99).

Once you sign up, you receive a “credit card” in the mail.  This credit card is what is preloaded for your movie tickets.

Every month you can see “unlimited” movies with this card.  You can see any movie you want in participating theaters, but you can only see each movie once.

Who Should Use Moviepass?

You just need to do the math.  Say your local movie theater charges $15 per ticket.  If you go to 2 movies per month, that would cost you $30 out of pocket.  With Moviepass, it would only be that $24.99 membership fee.

What if you want to see 8 movies a month?

There are plenty of movie fans, like myself, that go more than 5 times a month to a movie.  Looking back at that $15 per ticket scenario, you would be spending $120 a month on tickets…or just $24.99 per month with a Moviepass card!

Does Moviepass get you 3D or Imax Tickets?

At this time, no they don’t let you upgrade to those tickets.  Sorry.  Hopefully in the future they will make some kind of deal for this.

Get MoviePass and enjoy unlimited movies in theaters nationwide!