Sidecar Promo Code – $15 Credit

I started being a Sidecar driver last year to earn some extra money when I would otherwise be sitting on my recliner just watching TV.  It is a great fun way to earn some extra money while helping people get around town.

With the Sidecar driving job, they give us coupon codes to share with new riders so that they can get a credit to start using the Sidecar rideshare app.  I do get $5 back for each one of you that signs up, but you also get $15 to use without any other obligation.

My Sidecar code is MIKE252

If you do choose to use this code, you will automatically be given $15 into your Sidecar account to use for your first ride.  Sorry to existing users, but this free credit is just for new sign ups only.

If you are in the Los Angeles area, maybe I’ll even be picking you up!