What is a Coupon Code

Internet retailers provide special discount pricing to individuals through either a special price advertised on their site, or by offering special “coupon code”s that are used at a certain point of the buying process.  These special codes are often hidden from plain site so that only a select group of people will know about them.  These companies use these codes for different marketing reasons.

Where to Find Coupon Codes

For starters, you can look around this website.  Besides SoManyDiscounts.com, there are a lot of other coupon code websites that are around strictly for providing their visitors with savings from other websites.  These coupon websites provide coupons to either earn affiliate money from the purchases or to bring traffic to their websites from people searching for a specific coupon code.

Another way that you can get promo codes easily is to subscribe to email lists of your favorite companies.  Most internet retailers will send promotional emails with special coupon codes available only to their email subscribers as an incentive for remaining on the email list.

Lots of websites even have their promo codes scattered around their website either in a popup, in the top of the site, or in a sales/discounts section of the website.  For example, Victoria’s Secret puts their discount codes on their homepage inside of their ads as well as their “Sales and Specials” section of the webpage.

Other Names for Coupon Codes

Different companies will call their codes different things, but they are all the same in reality.  Other names for coupon codes include:

  • promotional codes
  • promotion codes
  • discount codes
  • key codes
  • promo codes
  • sales codes
  • shopping codes
  • voucher codes
  • reward codes
  • referral codes

How to Use a Coupon Code

Most sites will require you to enter the coupon code at the end of the buying process.  When you look in your cart or checkout page, there is often a text field available that says “coupon code” or one of the above mentioned alternate names.  Enter your code and hit enter.  This should compute your savings immediately.

How to use a coupon code